homewino.com | FAQ
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Who is allowed to participate in the raffle?

Everyone with a minimum participation age of 18 is welcome to try their luck.

How can I buy a go?

Simply sign up for homewino.com on our site, then select the desired number of lots in the Losshop and pay only. Already you are there.

How many lots can I buy?

In order to offer everyone a maximum chance of winning, each participant may buy up to 10 lots. Thus, the size of your wallet should not only decide if you want your home, but also the luck itself.

Do I pay the lots directly to homewino.com?

You pay the lots to a trust account in Germany of our trustee BLa bla and Partner. This will ensure that the raffle will be held and that homewino.com will receive the money only after handing over the home to the winner of our lottery.

How can I pay a ticket?

In our shop you have different types of payment available. Paypal, direct bank transfer, alipay, credit card and cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ripple and Co …

How long does it take to get the raffle after I've bought a ticket?

When our next draw will take place, you can visit homewino.com on our website. The data is always min. 4 weeks in advance published.

How do I know where the property is, which is being raffled?

For every draw / raffle you can find all the necessary information about the respective real estate on our website homewino.com. Pictures, tour video, location and a state-certified report are available for you to download.

Are the properties being rebuilt or are they already available?

Any property that homewino.com is giving away already exists and our specialists have been tested on ‚heart and kidney‘. In addition, each property has been evaluated by a well-audited appraiser.

What are the properties of homewino.com?

You can see the value of each property, which is raffled on homewino.com under Downloads. For all properties, a state-certified value and status report was created. The real estate generally has a value between 100,000 and 250,000 euros.

Why is homewino.com not giving away homes worth 500,000 euros or more?

Homewino.com has made it its mission to give everyone the chance to own a home. This dream should remain a dream even after the win and not be burdened by the location-related additional costs to the burden of the winner or be.

Who pays the notary and the entry in the land register?

Homevino.com bears all costs incurred until the official key handover.

Are the winners announced publicly?

Of course, we would like to share the joy of winning the home with all participants of the raffle and thus the handing over of the house will be accompanied by the homewino.com camera team.

May I participate in every raffle?

Yes, you can participate in every raffle of homewino.com? Anyone who has won once may no longer participate. Homewino.com wants to fulfill as many people as possible, this lifelong dream. One property per winner.

May I also participate as a non-EU citizen in the raffle?

Everyone can try their luck at homewino.com’s home.

We are guarding or controlling the lottery / draw?

From sale to winning, everything is guarded and controlled by the notaries blah blah and partners.

Why is homewino.com headquarters in Gibraltar?

Homewino.com is subject to the state regulations of Gibraltar and thus the EU. Homewino.com has all approvals and powers to conduct lotteries by the competent authority ………… Gibraltar.